Waffie, a traditionally hot eaten square waffle with powdered sugar or whipped cream with fruit. You can make this culinary creation disappear with one of the locally brewed special beers that the country knows like Durboyse Blonde. We travelled with a large part of the family to the small town of Septon. The town, located in the province of Luxembourg and part of Durbuy, claims to be the smallest town in Belgium. Where many self-respecting men aren’t proud of small tools and where little fellow human beings usually express their dissatisfaction about their moderate grip height, is Durbuy apparently proud of this fact.

``gelegen in de provincie Luxemburg; Durbuy. Het claimt het kleinste plaatsje van België te zijnl``

Dachshund#1, Dachshund #2 and Dachshund #3 can waddle around in the huge garden of Villa Faro and the nephews can spend their energy with games they’ve brought along. Nephew#1 as a cowboy who knock-down unsuspecting passers-by under grandpa’s watchful eye. Nephew#2 on a rattle. It’s family time. Less than 1.5 weeks before I will start my adventure, I’m having a great time together with the family.

Villa Faro - het is familie-tijd!

Although the surroundings of the Belgian Ardennes are breath-taking, happiness is not on our side the first day. Dachshund #2 gets an ear infection and has to go to the vet’s clinic where he is helped by the veterinarian (with mayor as his side job) and after a refreshing dive in the hottub (or ‘the hotdog’ -as nephew #1 calls it) a part of us is covered with red and itchy skin rash. Something with PH-value malfunction, according to the hottub guru who studies it the next day. Less harmless in the eyes of nephew #1, is the Titanic canoe experience on the babbling river of Hotton. The duo-canoe of him sinks together with my brother  -and along with loud cries of fear to a dizzying depth of 40cm! Perhaps the loud cries have something to do with the fact that we had told him 10 minutes before that his partially broken paddle blade had been gnawed by crocodiles.

- The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet -

Waking up totally rested (because that’s what happen in an environment surrounded by forests) having some breakfast, sports, ‘doing’ a highlight, ‘doing’ a terrace, refreshing in the hot tub, heating the BBQ, playing cards, doing beer… it sounds like a real Ardennes holiday! But then everything a little smaller. It’s no coincidence that we’re in the smallest town in Belgium. What is not reduced in terms of size is Radhadesh. An idyllic castle from the 10th century where you can find peace and quiet through spiritual Hara Krishna rituals. Not exactly my cup of tea but the castle and its view is phenomenal! After you may pass the door of the castle for a donation of 8 euros, you will find yourself in a sober but meaningful world -at least if you believe Hara Krishna’s philosophy. It’s inspiring anyway, from my point of view.

``de filosofie van Hara Krishna, inspirerend is het in ieder geval zeker!``

Like a beer is not complete without water, grain, hops or yeast -a holiday in the Ardennes is not complete without a visit to a cave. By the way, did you know that cheese is matured in Hotton, 65 metres underground? I came across this funny fact during a tour through the medium-sized caves of Hotton, 20-minute from Septon. If you be around, you can polish your knowledge about stalactites and stalagmites for just 10 euro.


I will spend the last 7 days in the Netherlands, where the time will be filled with formal matters such as deregistration; insurances and more… Luckily it also consists of nice things like invitations for dinners with friends across the country. As we speak I am on the train to Amsterdam together with a random dog who has already tried to nibble my laptop twice. 

The 25th now getting closer and closer. What is also getting closer is the launch of my website where I will publish all blogs. At the time you are reading this blog the website is already live and hopefully you will find it interesting… if not? All kinds of TIPS are welcome! By the way; huge tribute to Nico, my brother. He has done most of the programming work! Great work! If you have time, just take a look at his Youtube channel; and if you like his musical skills; please leave a comment!

``Travel-Destinations zijn spots waar mijn zonnebril dienst heeft gedaan en waarvan ik “need-to-knows” deel``

My next travel blog will actually be my first real travel blog about the first countries of my trip. I am talking about a “Travel-Story” because I divide my blogs into “Travel-Destinations”, “Travel-Stories” and “Travel-Tips”.

The “Travel-Destinations” are spots where I have been and where I share the “need-to-knows” of, such as budget, accommodation and highlights. My “Travel Stories” will mainly consist of stories about things that I experience during the trip with an informal nature. The “Travel-Tips” will consist of tips and advice on all kinds of topics with an informative and more formal character. In case you find the blogs interesting; there is a possibility to register with your e-mail at the bottom of the website. I’ll then send you a head’s-up when a new blog is online!


Hope to see you (again) in the upcoming blog about Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  See ya!

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