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My Story

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to & people Ive never met

I came across the “I’m in love” quote a long time ago on an easy sunday morning. It explained so much!

The constant hunger for (planning) new journeys, looking forward to in-depth conversations with locals and the prospect of discovering places that have long been discovered by someone else … Yep; my restlessness was not a mental illness but a crush. And well … you can’t just stop falling in love, now can you?

Hi! My name is Jack and at the start of 2019 I felt it was time to fulfill a longtime dream; backpacking around the world.I left the Netherlands with the mission 99 to visit countries I had never visited before in one big trip around the world.

I’m no stranger to backpacking. In recent years I have been backpacking around 30 countries in journeys ranging from 4 weeks to 4 months. That said, this adventure is of a completely different level; the next level!

Follow me and my adventures on this website. From the preparations to the actual journey – and everything in between. You’ll find personal travel stories, travel tips, financial aspects, travel photos and much more on this website.

  • My sacrifices – Burning all bridges behind me by selling my house and taking a 5 year break from work (Oh yeah …. they didn’t accept that)
  • My missionCrossing 99 new borders with one backpack and inspire you to choose an ‘off the beat track‘ as your next destination.

 Enjoy -and be part of this adventure.

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not by hoarding it

Maria Khan

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will you be going?

I’ve prepared for four-five years but this might even be prolonged!

How will you pay for all of this?

With a Iot of savings; next to that I sold my home with a profit so I’ve got some money to spare.

When will you start?

October 25th 2019 will be my starting point!

What will you dread the most?

The moment in which I’m struck by the flu, while laying on a small sweaty mat in the middle of the jungle. But hey, that’s all part of the adventure too, right?

For more questions, visit my FAQ Page.