In my previous 2 blogs we centralized the question whether the world trip you have in mind had any chance of live. We took a close look at 2 essential factors. How much time do I need for my trip around the world and how much money will it cost me? Not unimportant; do I have this time and these coins?

If both traffic lights are on green for you, you are in the right direction. However; do not underestimate the last traffic light. This is not the one you just have -or can realize… this last traffic light is about emotional choices and (im)possibilities.

“You are the choices that you make”



Well… kids? Your dachshund, your friends? Let’s start with these obvious ones. “That’s really great! I’d love the idea too, but yeah, I have kids”(sad smiley) If I had received a $ for every time I have heard this phrase in the last few months, I would have been able to pay the world trip with it!


It is of course clear that such a plan with children is a completely different level of approach, but nothing is impossible! Type in “travel family” on Google and there will pop up hordes of babies, toddlers and happy travel parents. A real trend.

A well-known travel-family is @theBucketlistfamily .Small spoiler; This family has obtained a lot of $ from the sale of Snapchat and they are therefore more flexible with organizing their dream… but still; if you really, really want it, I’m sure there’s a way to do it. Don’t ask me how to go down this “travel-family” road… absolutely not my expertise. I don’t want to burn my fingers on it!

dont look for sympathy, but rather seek solutions

We can dedicate the rest of the blog to showstoppers in terms of other relationships like the one with your dachshund (seems to be a real relationship), family or friends and approach them from a philosophical perspective, but at the bottom it mostly comes down to the same thing: emotion. Very simple; it’s quite a “thing” to say “bye” to your family and friends for a period of one -or even several years. U don’t make that decision on a rainy Monday night.

On the other hand, you are not going to emigrate. The intention is to come back after a while. With a “I’m back” party, you’ll pay off your guilt… And hey; we no longer live in the Dino years, we no longer only have to communicate via fax and letters. We can Skype, call and endless text with our beloved ones.


This question has been my guideline for the past few months. I have addressed every doubt with this question and thought about possible answers to the question.

“What if a family member has had a serious accident and is in a critical situation?” > Then you get on the plane and in most cases you will be in that hospital within 24-48 hours.

“What if I don’t feel it anymore after a year?” > Then you stop your mission and come back. You’ve left your homeland, but that doesn’t mean you’ve thrown your nationality in the bin.

beware not the enemy from ‘without’ but the enemy from ‘within’


Good luck! That’s you.

You’re often your worst enemy yourself and therefore the biggest obstacle to realizing your own dream. Fear. Fear of the unknown… fear of uncertainties, fear of letting go of everything and leaving the beaten path (as society expects us to do). After birth you go to school, then a gap-year after graduation, work, marriage, children, retirement, end. This ‘fixed’ life route gives me a huge itch.. Anyhow; keep in mind that in addition to very nice and positive reactions, you will also meet people who disapprove your choice and ask the question if this is not “walking away from your responsibilities”.


Yeah. True story. They exist.

Which exact responsibilities are still not clear to me but I suspect that they mean “complying with the self-imposed standard by society”. Anyway, back to that worst enemy. Remember the question “what’s the worst thing that can happen?” Once again, it has helped me much by constantly asking myself this question and answering it. It created clarity in the chaos of questions and it cleared the bears on the roads. I really want to avoid clichés in my blog, but I can’t get out of this one: think in solutions, not in problems. Amen.

excursion in the desert


Oh dear… you’re in a relationship and he or she gets nerv-attacks, every time when you start talking about adventuring. An all-inclusive holiday to Egypt is the alternative suggestion with a minimum of 2 organized visits to the bazaar plus a camel excursion in front of the hotel…

Good luck! I sympathize with you!


“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

They somehow already know what you truly want to become. 

Everything else is secondary”

This quote written by Steve Jobs was on my Facebook at the end of April 2019. I won’t forget this day. It was the day I had made the decision. A small group of people who are really close to me understood the quote, others wondered what kind of spiritual course I had taken that weekend.


Suddenly you’re at a crossroad. You’re already way too deep in the idea….. You’ve spent days checking where you want to go, how long it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost. You even convinced yourself to “just do it”, “YOLO”. Without you noticing, you got used to the idea. You suddenly realise that that idea in your head might now become a reality! Throwing all the files and ideas in the trash is actually a No-Go… but making the decision also seems like a mega huge step!

Makes sense, doesn’t it? It is simply a big step! Maybe you have to make big sacrifices for it, like quitting your job. But is that really the end of the world? I can only refer to my own experience here…

“what’s the worst thing that can happen?”

Well.. Not daring to jump into the deep end and regret it later! “what am I going to do about it?  Grant myself this adventure!

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