Shake hands with your colleague one last time, take a look at that meeting room where you brainstormed about innovative things – and where you also had hard conversations.… aight; the last real working day is over. Up to the other “last” things! It’s quite special how ‘normal’ things suddenly seem to take on extra value – just because you know it’s the last time.

``the last few weeks, there have been changes of a noticeable level``

Although I’m in general quite objective, the latest changes honestly have had some impact. All plans that were neatly listed including coloured prioritised timelines have been slowly turned into reality over the past six months. In the list they were just accurate added actions; in reality the actions meant that Janneke waddled out the front door with my dining room set… it meant that the wall decoration ” knife and fork ” was sent to GreenMad52 and that Notary Zegger symbolically grabbed my house keys (with a broad smile) and dropped them with the new residents. Yep – the last few weeks there have been significant changes, and that all comes together on that first night you get out of the car in front of your brother’s and sister-in-law’s house. They had, without a doubt, offered a heartwarming place to live for the last 3 weeks. Luckely it’s quite fun in ‘downtown’ Zevenaar together with 2 yapping Dachshunds, my little nephews and family-friend Yvar.

``Luckely it's quite fun in 'downtown' Zevenaar together with 2 yapping Dachshunds``

All right – and now the bright side of my first story… Have had a great farewell-drink with the colleagues from work! Nice to finish 10 years with an employer in this way. Almost all of the invited (in)direct colleagues gave an appearance and travelled to Lent to raise their beer glasses and laugh at (often) hilarious moments in recent years during my time as QSHE manager. Great!

- Good parties create a temporary youthfulness -

Of course a legendary party with the inner circle couldn’t be missed so this one have taken place as well.. and how! > Ask the neighbours > anyhow; I had solemnly promised them that this would be the last party – and they agreed. Respect.

The short summarized version of the party: “hilarious”. Let’s leave the footages aside for this moment.

``all right, I am ready. A new chapter... Chapter World Travel``

After removing the last shards of glass, it was really time to hand over the keys to the new residents, to leave the car at the car dealer a day later and to say goodbye to loved ones who can’t (anymore) joining parties. It’s really about to start now… IT’S ALL REAL!!

Bottom line: I am ready… I know; it will take some getting used to it leaving Zevenaar behind me, but fortunately my first destination will be of an equal level. In 3 days I’m going to immerse myself in the hustle and bustle of the bustling Belgian Ardennes for a full week. Uuuh well; it won’t be backpacking at all, it won’t be vibrant at all… and it’s not even the first “real” destination of my world trip… -but it will be a pleasant (for the moment) last meeting with the family! (+ yapping dogs). Parties may be gold, but family is real diamond.


On the 25th of October it will be really real; then a new chapter will begin. Chapter World Trip.

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