Landschaftspark (Germany)

What can you expect from the Landschaftspark?

“Since 1994 nature, industrial heritage and a fascinating spectacle of light have combined to form a park landscape unlike any other in the world. The British daily newspaper “The Guardian” chose the park as one of the ten most beautiful urban oases in the world.”

With this text, the official website of the Landschaftspark showcases itself. They’re right, it really is stunning! These former industrial buildings are almost completely open to the public. Both during the day and at night, you can witness the battle between raw steel and nature’s catch-up. It is therefore logical that I have chosen this place for a photo shoot to provide my website with some great content!

If you’re not here for the pictures, there are also all kinds of activities organized that you can do. Europe’s largest artificial diving centre is built in one of the old gas meters. The former ore storage bunkers have also been converted into an Alpine climbing garden, a high ropes course has been laid out and you can climb an old blast furnace up to a height of 70 metres. More than enough for you to do!

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