Durbuy (Belgium)

What can you expect of Durbuy?

Durbuy is one of the oldest and most beautifully preserved towns in the Ardennes. Where many other cities were shot during the WW2 Ardennes offensive, Durbuy has remained largely unharmed. The beautiful old town can still be admired in all its medieval glory. You’ll find small narrow cobbled streets and old buildings which give the town an attractive appearance. The town centre consists of a number of streets and it has about 400 inhabitants. It is the smallest town in Belgium and even claims to be the smallest town in the world!

This charming town was the starting point of my trip at the end of 2019.

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Pre-Trip #2

Where many self-respecting men aren’t proud of small tools and where little fellow human beings usually express their dissatisfaction about their moderate grip height, is Durbuy apparently proud of the fact they are Belgian smallest town.

What do you need to see?

Historical centre of Durbuy
Adventure Valley Durbuy
Chateau Radhadesh
Falize rock in Durbuy
Tortuga Bar
Caves of Hotton

“The Jambon d’Ardenne is one of the pearls of the Belgian gastronomy”

“One of the many authentic shops in Durbuy”

What do you need to know?

Visa – Residents of the Schengen area do not need a visa. An ID card or passport is sufficient to enter Belgium. Other nationalities might need to apply for a visa. Possible at the Belgian Embassy or Consulate.

Accommodation – In the centre of Durbuy you will find a number of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs. Ranging from very luxurious (up to four stars) to cheaper B&Bs. Not the ultimate backpack destination in terms of budget. In high season you’ll book a centre located room for €60-€130 per night (low season €56-€98 excepted Christmas and New Year’s Eve). It is also possible to rent a gîte for an average of €200 for a midweek, which will reduce the costs to an average daily price of € 40 per night.

Food & Drink – Durbuy is home to many different types of bistros, restaurants and lunchrooms. From budget spots to culinary restaurants. Certainly lovers of trout and jam can indulge themselves. You may be lucky enough to see how the fresh jam is made in the copper stews.

Belgium is the country of specialty beers. A local beer that can be found in many bars, restaurants and shops is the Durboyse. Try the blonde, brune (brown) or triple! Don’t be fooled by the name; the beer is not brewed in Durbuy. Durboyse is brewed 100 kilometers from Durbuy, by brewery Lefebvre in the village of Quenast.

In terms of budget, you get a good breakfast for EUR 8 and you’ll able to cut a good toast for lunch, starting at EUR 10. Count for dinner at least EUR 15. Non-alcoholic drinks will cost you EUR 3 and special beers starting at EUR 4,5.

“One of the many beautiful views that the Ardennes has to offer.”

Transportation – Durbuy is best reached by car. If you don’t have one it is gonna nibble a piece off your budget. Rental prices start in the Durbuy area from EUR 60/70 per day.

If you want to travel to Durbuy by train, Bomal station is the closest. It is about 2K from Durbuy. Those who prefer a nice walk take the train station of Barvaux about five kilometers from Durbuy. Public transport between Barvaux or Bomal and Durbuy exists, however; you have to be patient. Order a taxi in advance; the chance that you will find an available one on the corner is very low.

Climate & Travel Season – May-September is the best travel season.

Compared to the rest of Belgium, this area of the Ardennes is significantly more wet due to a mainly southwestern wind angle which causes regular (heavy) rainfall. In winter months, depending on the altitude, this region has an average snowfall of 30 to 80 days per year.

Watch out! – From October to February, certain areas might be closed due to the hunting season. This is often indicated at the beginning of the forest. Hike trails and mountain bike routes are then closed. For the most up-to-date information you can contact the local tourist office.

“If you really don’t have any transport, you can still pick up this bike in the centre of Durbuy.”

Budget Tips

Suggested daily budget  EUR 50-60 per day (low budget) EUR 100 per day (medium budget) EUR 100+ (high budget)


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